[Tool] PEER NGA Ground Motion Convertor [PEER地震波数据格式转换器]

分享一个小程序。  A small program to share with you.

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NGA-West2 网址:  http://ngawest2.berkeley.edu/

A program can be used to transform a PEER Ground Motion Database file into a user-specified format suitable for other applications to use.

The program can transform the data format from 5-column  to any column.  The peek value and time step of the ground motion can also be adjusted . It’s easy to use.

The program supports both the NGA-West and NGA-West2 Database file .  

The address of NGA-West2 Database : http://ngawest2.berkeley.edu/ .

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NGA Convertor

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  Download : NGA Convertor

公开下载期限已过,如果您需要这个软件,请在这给网站捐助:http://www.jdcui.com/?page_id=4813,捐助请不能低于200RMB,捐助后在评论区留下您的评论,软件将通过邮件给您发送,或者直接加 qq: 3014479529, 敬请尊重劳动成果 !!!。)

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  ( 如果你发现软件有bug或者软件使用有问题,请联系我!邮箱:jidong_cui@163.com)

  ( If  you have found any bug in the program or have any problem when using the program, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.  Email : jidong_cui@163.com)

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