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分享一个小程序。  A small program to share with you.

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JiDong Cui (崔济东) 1

1.华南理工大学  土木与交通学院;

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SDOF is a Microsoft Windows based application for the dynamic analysis of single degree of freedom structural systems. The structure may be modeled as elastic, elastic-plastic. The dynamic loading may be input as an earthquake accelerogram acting at the base of the structure, or as a dynamic force applied at the roof of the structure. The program uses a step-by-step method to solve the incrementally nonlinear equations of motion.

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主要功能如下(Main functions are as follows):

(1)计算时程响应(Computed Time Histories


(2)显示滞回曲线(Computed Hysteresis Plots


(3)计算能量(Computed Energy Plots


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 Download:  Under Construction

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