[Tool]Grain size distribution curve [颗粒级配分布曲线]

Grain size distribution curve of soil [土的颗粒级配分布曲线]。To identify grain size characteristics of soils, grain size distribution curve is developed. First, sieve analysis is conducted. A variety of sieves with different openings are stacked, with the largest opening sieve on the top and smaller on the lower sections. When a relatively large percent passing through the sieve with 0.075mm opening (e.g., more than 10% as a guideline) is obtained from the sieve analysis, a hydrometer analysis is conducted. This program process the raw data from sieve analysis and hydrometer analysis to get the grain size distribution curve and other parameters like D10, D30, D50, D60, Cu and Cc. from 崔济东,崔济东的博客,www.jdcui.com, CJD, JidongCui