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很久之前(2014年)在学校的时候写的 PERFORM-3D 的后处理程序(PERFORM-3D Post),用于提取节点的结果,单元结果,耗能结果,还有整体结果等等,还可以界面交互,选点,选线,旋转,缩放等,基本上算是把PERFORM-3D一些常用的后处理模块都自己重写了。那时候刚用PERFORM-3D不久,写来玩玩。现在都很久没用PERFORM-3D了。在这里做个记录吧。( PS. 想找几个模型测试,结果连测试的PERFORM-3D模型都找不到了。后面有再补充,不重要,就是趁着国庆做个笔记。

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  • 相关研究 ( Related Research )

[00]  书籍《PERFORM-3D原理与实例》 汇总页面  (PERFORM-3D Theory and Tutorials Book Page )

[01]. [PERFORM-3D] A discussion of two methods of conducting low-frequency cyclic test modeling in PERFORM-3D [关于PERFORM-3D中低周往复试验模拟的两种方法的探讨]

[02]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 叠合柱纤维截面工具 [Tool for Column Inelastic Fiber Section]

[03]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 混凝土柱(带保护层)纤维截面工具 [Tool for Column Inelastic Fiber Section]

[04]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] CFST钢管混凝土柱纤维截面工具 [CFST Column Inelastic Fiber Section]

[05]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 工字形截面梁纤维截面工具 [Beam,Inelastic Fiber Section – I Shaped Cross Section]

[06]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 圆形柱纤维截面工具 [Column,Inelastic Fiber Section -Circular Section]

[07]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 箱形柱纤维截面工具 [Column,Inelastic Fiber Section – Box Section]

[08]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] RC剪力墙纤维截面工具 [Shear Wall,Inelastic Fiber Section]

[09]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 矩形RC柱纤维截面工具 [Column,Inelastic Fiber Section – RC Rectangular Section]

[10]. [PERFORM-3D][Tool] 矩形RC梁纤维截面工具 [Beam,Inelastic Fiber Section – RC Rectangular Section]

[11]. [Tool] YTP – A Pre Process Program for PERFORM-3D [YTP PERFORM-3D前处理软件]

[12]. [Tool] PERFORM-3D Global Response Processor (PERFORM-3D结构响应处理)

[13]. Recent Enhancements and Incidents Resolved of PERFORM-3D V6.0 (PERFORM-3D 6.0更新内容)

[14]. [PERFORM-3D] Support Spring 支座弹簧单元建模提示 “Too few or too many selected nodes”错误

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