Torsion analysis by thermal analogy with ANSYS (ANSYS热比拟扭转应力分析)

稳态热传导控制方程与扭转控制方程具有相似性。利用ANSYS中的稳态热传导分析功能通过比拟的方法进行截面的扭转应力分析。The steady heat conduction problem and the classic torsion theory have analogy in their control partial differential equations. We can conduct a torsional analysis making use of the steady analysis fuction in general finite element program.This post gives an example on how to do torsion analysis as thermal analogy with ANSYS.

Analysis of a Euler–Bernoulli beam with ANSYS [ANSYS 欧拉-伯努利梁分析]

欧拉伯-努利梁理论(Euler–Bernoulli beam)又称为工程梁理论(Engineering beam theory)或者经典梁理论(Classical beam theory)。欧拉梁不考虑剪切变形,与铁木辛柯梁(Timoshenko beam)相对。前面一篇博文《Analysis of a Euler–Bernoulli beam with Abaqus [Abaqus欧拉-伯努利梁分析]》复习了Abaqus中利用欧拉梁单元B23和B33单元进行悬臂梁的模拟,本文接着看看在 ANSYS APDL 中如何利用欧拉梁单元进行同样的分析。