[01]. Excel to MATLAB .mat File

[02]. XTRACT PMM 3D屈服面的绘制(MATLAB版)

[03]. 3D Truss by MATLAB[MATLAB 3D 桁架静力分析]

[04]. 2D Truss by Matlab [Matlab 2D桁架有限元]

[05]. Tripartite Plot of Response Spectra [三联反应谱]

[06]. [地震][动力学][Dynamics][MATLAB] 将阻尼矩阵的非对角线元素取为0计算结果会怎么样?

[07]. [MATLAB][笔记] EEEP等效屈服点及延性计算


The Finite Element Method using MATLAB

[01]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] FEM Analysis: 2D Truss Element [有限元分析: 2D桁架单元]

[02]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] FEM Analysis: 2D Euler Beam Element [有限元分析: 2D欧拉梁单元]

[03]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 2D剪切梁单元

[04]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 2D Timoshenko梁单元

[05]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 三角形常应变单元(CST)

[06]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 平面4变形单元(Q4)

[07]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 4节点四面体单元(TET4)

[08] [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 8节点六面体单元(C3D8)

[09]. [FEM][有限元][编程][Matlab][Code by myself] 平面8节点二次“完全积分”单元(CPS8)

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