About Me [博主简介]

崔济东 博士 ( Dr. CUI Ji DONG)

毕业于 华南理工大学

结构工程 工学博士






Welcome to my personal Web page!

My name is Ji dong Cui. I received my B.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering and Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from South China University of Technology, China.

My primary research interest lies within Seismic assessment of buildings and Performance-Based Seismic Design.

I like software development. In my day to day work, I develop and use computer software to enhance the quality of my work.

I also love painting, basketball and piano.

This web site is setup to be more broad than only focus on structural engineering! You can find any other interesting things .

If you want to know more about me,feel free you to visit the rest of my homepage, read my blog ,learn about my research and personal interests.

Contact me through my email below if you have any question.

Email: jidong_cui@163.com

WeChat Subscription: Struct_journey



[PhD Paper][博士论文]

崔济东. RC梁、柱及剪力墙变形性能指标限值研究与试验验证[D]. 华南理工大学, 2017.

( Jidong Cui. Research and Experimental Verification of Deformation Index Limits of RC Beams, Columns and Shear Walls[D]. South China University of Technology, 2017. ) ( in Chinese )



[01] 崔济东, 沈雪龙. PERFORM-3D 原理与实例中国建筑工业出版社, 2017. ( Jidong Cui, XueLong Shen. PERFORM-3D Theory and Tutorials. China Architecture & Building Press2017.( in Chinese )



[01] 韩小雷, 崔济东, 沈雪龙,等. 基于构件变形的钢筋混凝土剪力墙结构抗震性能研究[J]. 建筑结构学报, 2014, 35(2014S2):67-75. ( EI index )

[02] 韩小雷, 崔济东, 季静, 刘婉筠, 沈雪龙. 强震作用下基于构件性能的钢筋混凝土框架结构抗倒塌能力评估[J].  建筑结构学报. 2015, 36 (12) :27-34. ( EI index )

[03] 韩小雷, 崔济东, 龚涣钧, 李伟琛. 不同抗震等级RC梁抗震性能试验研究[J].  建筑结构学报. 2015, 36 (s2) :299-308. ( EI index )

[04] 季静, 肖新瑜, 崔济东, 韩小雷. 基于变形的框架-剪力墙结构抗震安全性评估[J]. 建筑结构学报, 2015, 36(s2):62-69. ( EI index )

[05] 韩小雷, 谢灿东, 崔济东, 季静. 基于构件变形的框支剪力墙结构抗震性能评估[J]. 华中科技大学学报(自然科学版), 2016, 44(7):105-109. ( EI index )

[06] 李伟琛, 韩小雷, 崔济东. 基于试验的ABAQUS混凝土塑性损伤参数取值方法[J]. 结构工程师, 2016, 32(2):64-69.

[07] JD Cui, XL Han , W Yang , WC Li. Deformation Limits of L-Section RC Shear Walls[J]. Open Civil Engineering Journal, 2016, 10 (1) :334-348. ( EI index )



[01] 欧秋望, 崔济东. 低周反复加载下钢筋混凝土梁的伸长现象. 第十六届全国现代结构工程学术研讨会论文集. 2016.


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