[Tool][软件][性能设计] PPPSP v2017: Pushover Performance Point Solution Program [Pushover 分析性能点求解程序][Based on FEMA 440]

[Tool] 基于FEMA 440等效线性化法 Pushover分析方法 的性能点求解程序。A program for the Solution of Pushover Performance Point based on FEMA 440 Equivalent Linearization Method. FEMA 440等效线性化方法是众多Pushover分析方法中的一种,是ATC-40能力谱法(Capacity-Spectrum Method )的一种改进,其基本原理如下图所示。( Equivalent linearization procedure of FEMA 440 is a modification to the Capacity-Spectrum Method (CSM) of ATC-40. )When equivalent linearization is used as a part of a nonlinear static procedure that models the nonlinear response of a building with a SDOF oscillator, the objective is to estimate the maximum displacement response of the nonlinear system with an “equivalent” linear system using an effective period, Teff, and effective damping, βeff (see Figure above). The global force-deformation relationship shown in the above figure for a SDOF oscillator in acceleration-displacement response spectrum (ADRS) format is termed a capacity curve. The capacity curve shown in the above figure is developed using the conventional procedures of FEMA 356 or ATC-40. The effective linear parameters are functions of the characteristics of the capacity curve, the corresponding initial period and damping, and the ductility demand, µ.