[Tool] HLA: Hysteretic Loop Analysis Program [HLA: 滞回环分析]

分享一个小程序。  A small program to share with you.

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JiDong Cui (崔济东) 1, XueLong Shen (沈雪龙)2

1.华南理工大学  土木与交通学院;2.华南理工大学建筑设计研究院

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Hysteristic Loop Analysis Program

  • 程序使用 ( Steps to use)

(1)导入滞回曲线(Import hysteretic loop.

(2)计算各个滞回环的面积、割线刚度、等效黏滞阻尼系数,获得分解的滞回环。(Press the Analyze button,and the hysteretic loop will be decomposed into separate loops, from which the hysteresis loop area, secant stiffness, equivalent viscous damping coefficient are obtained.

(3)将结果保存成文本(Export the analysis results in text file.

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2016-1-28 22-31-43

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  DownLoad : Hysteretic Loop Analysis

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崔济东, “HLA: 滞回环分析程序”, http://www.jdcui.com/?p=2216.

  Researchers should cite this work as follows:

Cui JiDong, “HLA: Hysteretic Loop Analysis Program”, http://www.jdcui.com/?p=2216.

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