[PERFORM-3D] How to use PERFROM-3D Global to Get the Drfit and Structure Setcion Results? (如何使用PERFORM-3D Global提取位移角及截面切割结果)


最近很多网友问我 PERFORM-3D Global ( Link: http://www.jdcui.com/?p=3446 ) 软件的使用介绍,于是更新了一下这个软件,并介绍如何利用PERFORM-3D Global提取PERFORM-3D任意工况的位移角及截面切割结果。

( This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use PERFROM-3D Global ( Link: http://www.jdcui.com/?p=3446 ) to get the Drfit and Structure Setcion Results of any load cases after the PERFROM-3D complete the calculation. )

  • Step1: 准备模型的计算结果 (Prepare your computed model results)

将多个PERFORM-3D模型的计算结果放于同一个目录下。这些模型的模型定义、Drift定义、Section Cut定义必须是一致,模型的工况可以不一致。如果不同模型中存在同名的工况,

( Put all the calculated results to a folder according by model. For the example below, there are four model in folder TEST1 name GM2-DZ, GM2-ZZ, GM3-DZ and GM3-ZZ. The only one requirement of these model is that all the model must have same definition of drifts and section cuts. However, the load cases can be the same, if there are same load cases in multi-model, PERFROM-3D Global suppose that the results of these load cases of different models are also the same, and only the results from the first model will be read and plot.  )



  • Step2: 打开软件,设置模型路径 (Open the program and click the button “Model folder” to select the model folder… )

After the model folder was set, all the Drifts and Structure Sections results of different load cases from different models will be read and imported by the program.

  • Step3: 绘制结果 (Plot Results… )

设置工况、结果,结果类型,点击 “Plot” 绘制结果。

Select load case、drift or structure section and results type, then click “plot” to plot results.

Example 1:

绘制时程结果,Plot Time history results

Example 2:

绘制最大值结果,Plot Maximum results

If the item was in the order of story, the Plot will be story-results floor. For the example above, the F1 is the structure section of story 1, and F2 is the structure section of story 2, and so on, then the plot will be story-moment plot. The Y axis of the plot is story number. 

  • Step4: 保存结果 (Save the Results to text file or excel plot file… )

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