[PERFORM-3D][Tool] 组合钢管混凝土CFST柱纤维截面工具 [Combined CFST Column Inelastic Fiber Section]



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This program is used for the data input of the “Inelastic Fiber Column Section” in PERFORM-3D. Through the import of section properties in text format (.csv), the program can generate the fiber section properties automatically. And then, the program export the binary data input file (.PF3CMP) for “Inelastic Fiber Shear Wall Section” which PERFORM-3D can then read to complete the fiber section definition. This program will definitely save you time on the input of the structural fibers. 

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The overall steps are as follows.

(1) Prepare section properties in text format.

(2) Import the text file and check the fiber section properties generated by the program.

(3) Export the binary data input file (.PF3CMP) for “Inelastic Fiber Shear Wall Section”.

(4) Open PERFORM-3D and import the binary data input file to complete the definition of the fiber section properties .

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If you want to buy this program, contact me via E-mail: jidong_cui@163.com or Wechat: Jidong_cui.

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