[Midas Gen][ABAQUS][Midas2Abaqus] Verification Example GNL-5: Snap-through Analysis of simply 2D truss [ Midas Gen 验证实例GNL-5: 2D桁架的阶跃分析]

【1】Problem Description (GNL-5: Snap-through Analysis of simply 2D truss from Midas Gen’s Verification Examples)

A truss element is subjected to a vertical load at the node 2. Draw the load-displacement graph.

【2】MODEL Properties


 Length 2500m, Height 25m


Truss Element


Modulus of elasticity E = 5.0x10e7 N/mm2

Possion’s Ratio v = 0.0

Sectional Property

Area: 1m2

Boundary Condition

Node 1: Constrain Dx, Dy and Dz

Node 2: Constrain Dx, Dy

Load Case

A concentrated load, P=12N is applied at the node 2 in the -Z direction.

【3】Midas Gen Model

【4】Midas 2 Abaqus Model

【5】Abaqus Model

【6】Comparison of Results

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