OpenSees Concrete01 Material Test

Concrete01是OpenSees中最简单的单轴混凝土材料,它基于Kent-Scott-Park单轴混凝土本构模型,根据Karsan-Jirsa加卸载准则确定其加卸载刚度(线性),该材料不考虑混凝土受拉强度。(Concrete01 is a uniaxial Kent-Scott-Park concrete material object with degraded linear unloading/reloading stiffness according to the work of Karsan-Jirsa and no tensile strength.

  • 材料参数(Material Parameters


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fpc:混凝土28天抗压强度(concrete compressive strength at 28 days );

epsc0:混凝土峰值强度对应的应变,即fpc对应的应变(concrete strain at maximum strength);

fpcu:混凝土残余强度(concrete crushing strength);

epscu:混凝土残余强度对应的应变(concrete strain at crushing strength

  • 测试(Test



  • 参考(References

[1] Concrete01

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[Tool][软件] OpenSees Material Test [OpenSees单轴材料测试工具]

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    I executed the program on 2 operating systems and as administration, but all in vain.
    The program doesn’t work at all.
    Any suggestions?

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