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ConcreteD是同济大学李杰老师团队根据中国规范编制的混凝土单轴损伤本构。(ConcreteD is a concrete material based on the Chinese design code.


  • 材料参数(Material Parameters

fc:混凝土抗压强度(concrete compression strength);

epsc:与混凝土抗压强度对应的应变(concrete strain at corresponding to compressive strength);

ft:混凝土抗拉强度(concrete tensile strength);

epst:与混凝土抗压强度对应的应变(concrete strain at corresponding to tensile strength);

Ec:混凝土初始弹性模量(concrete initial elastic modulus);

alphac:受压段下降参数(compressive descending parameter);

alphat:受拉段下降参数(tensile descending parameter);

cesp:塑性系数,建议取值0.2~0.3(plastic parameter, recommended values: 0.2~0.3);

etap:塑性系数,建议取值1.0~1.3(plastic parameter, recommended values: 1.0~1.3

  • 测试(Test





  • 参考(References

[1] ConcreteD Material

  • 备注(Comments

感谢 林乐斌 师弟 帮忙整理文档。

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