[Tool][工具][科研] OSFSV: OpenSees Fiber Section Viewer [OpenSees纤维截面可视化工具]

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OpenSees纤维截面可视化工具 (OpenSees Fiber Section Viewer)。程序基本功能是,解析OpenSees的.tcl文件,提取其中的纤维截面,显示具体的纤维截面剖分情况。OpenSees Fiber Section Viewer is a visualization program for fiber secion in OpenSees.

编写这个程序的主要目的是,由于很多.tcl文件编写时,纤维截面的定义采用的是 OpenSees 提供的path和layer命令,这些命令容易编写却不方便查看,难以检查具体的纤维截面剖分是否正确。尤其是在阅读别人编写的 .tcl 文件时,由于编写命令的习惯不同,更加难以检查 纤维截面的定义是否合理。因此,如果有一个程序能将OpenSees的fiber、path和layer命令解析出来,并形成纤维图形直观显示,将大大提高初学者阅读和检查.tcl文件的效率,本博文提供的这个小程序很好的解决了这个问题。

  • OpenSees中的纤维截面命令 ( Fiber Section Command in OpenSees )

OpenSees中的纤维截面如下所示,摘自 http://opensees.berkeley.edu/wiki/index.php/Fiber_Section。

This commnand allows the user to construct a FiberSection object. Each FiberSection object is composed of Fibers, with each fiber containing a UniaxialMaterial, an area and a location (y,z). The command to generate FiberSection object contains in { } the commands to generate all the fibers in the object. To construct a FiberSection and populate it, the following command is used:

section Fiber $secTag <-GJ $GJ> {


$secTag      unique tag among sections
$GJ              linear-elastic torsional stiffness assigned to the section (optional, default = no torsional stiffness)
fiber…        command to generate a single fiber
patch…       command to generate a number of fibers over a geometric cross-section
layer…        command to generate a row of fibers along a geometric-arc


The command to generate a FiberSection contains in { } the commands to generate all the fibers in the section.
The patch and layer commands can be used to generate multiple fibers in a single command.
In an element recorder you can ask a FiberSection for its ‘deformations’, ‘forces’, ‘forceAndDeformation’, ‘fiber $fiberNum $matArg1 ..’, ‘fiber $yLoc $zLoc $matTag $matArg1 ‘

——— from http://opensees.berkeley.edu/wiki/index.php/Fiber_Section

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[Rectangular Section]

[Circular Section]

[W Section]

[Hollow Section]

[View only selected Fiber Section Represents]

[Show Fiber Area]

[Show Fiber Coordinates]

[Show Fiber Number]

[Render Fiber as different Shapes]

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