[Tool]Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of SDOF system (SDOF系统动力非线性分析)

SDOF是一个基于微软的windows窗口程序,用于单自由度结构的动力非线性分析。结构可是弹性也可以是弹塑性。动力荷载可以是施加在结构基座的地震加速度,也可以是施加在结构顶部的动力荷载。程序使用逐步积分法求解增量非线性运动方程。SDOF is a Microsoft Windows based application for the dynamic analysis of single degree of freedom structural systems. The structure may be modeled as elastic, elastic-plastic. The dynamic loading may be input as an earthquake accelerogram acting at the base of the structure, or as a dynamic force applied at the roof of the structure. The program uses a step-by-step method to solve the incrementally nonlinear equations of motion.